7 Continents

MARATHON: 7 Continents


In 1995, the inaugural Antarctica Marathon on “The Last Continent” made it possible for runners to conquer a marathon on all of the earth’s seven continents. In recognition of those runners who have achieved this amazing feat, Marathon Tours & Travel established the Seven Continents Club (SCC).

Since then, over 390 men and women have completed this quest. These adventurous athletes have run on the following continents: North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and Antarctica.




In 2006 after finishing the Baltimore Marathon Mark became the youngest South African to join the 7 Continents Club having completed a marathon on all 7 continents, including Antarctica…





           Mark’s 7 Continents Marathon Map


Rio de Janeiro Marathon, 2005

Antartica Marathon, 2002

Baltimore Marathon, 2006

Phuket Marathon, 2006

Berlin Marathon, 2004

Canberra Marathon, 2004

The Voet Marathon, 2004