Living the dream…



Following a childhood spent reading exploits of the great explorers of previous generations and dreaming of a life of adventure and travel, Mark finished high school at the end of 1993, and was finally able to head off in pursuit of his own boyhood dreams. Despite working hard to gain entry into the Physiotherapy program at the University of Cape Town, it only took a few months to realise that this was not where his future lay.


While completing a Business Management degree, he busied himself working as a lifeguard and helicopter rescue swimmer, also taking a year off from university to be a fulltime firefighter at Cape Town Fire and Rescue.







After university, and with little interest in joining the corporate world, his firefighting and helicopter rescue background, landed him a fulltime job at the Survival Training Centre in Cape Town, teaching survival techniques to pilots, mariners and oilfield workers. In the two years he spent working here, he completed his Honours Degree in Business Management.


It was while working at the Survival Centre, that he was offered an opportunity to enter a world which would allow him to pursue his dreams… and a short while later he was on a flight to Brazil to start his career in the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry. Over the next 14 years he never spent more than 5 consecutive weeks in one country, criss-crossing Oceans and Continents, working, racing and traveling. The combination of good remuneration and an effective 6 months leave a year meant a life of perpetual challenge and adventure.



Despite the time away, whenever he was home, he nurtured a love for helicopters that was born in the early years as a rescue swimmer… going on to earn his pilot wings.



Mark now spends most of his time at home in Cape Town; working as a freelance Aviator or Waterman and Consultant to the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry. When not consulting or traveling he can usually be found at his second home, the beach.