Ocean Voyages

Southern Ocean 2002: Ushuaia to Antarctica roundtrip

A 10 day voyage onboard the Akademik Joffe from Ushuaia in Argentina, out the Beagle Channel and across the Drake Passage to the Antarctic Peninsula. The voyage was organised by Marathon Tours in the USA with the primary purpose of taking part in the 2002 edition of the Antarctica Marathon on King George Island in the South Shetlands.

On the return voyage north, the ship initially sailed towards Chile in order to do a West to East rounding of Cape Horn.

Atlantic ocean  2005: Cape town to Congo

Oil rig tow onboard the Pride South Pacific from Cape Town to the Republic of the Congo.

Atlantic Ocean 2006: Bahamas to Ghana

The second leg of the transit for the MODU Songa Venus from Galveston to Singapore for a refit before her contract in Australia. For the 2nd leg we boarded the rig in Nassau, Bahamas before crossing the Atlantic Ocean and carrying out a crew change in Accra, Ghana.

Indian Ocean 2006: Durban to Singapore

This was leg 4 of the transit from the Bahamas to Singapore onboard the Songa Venus. We joined the rig in Durban, getting a helicopter crew change out to the rig from Portnet in Durban. This final leg to Singapore, included a transit of the Malacca Straits and a “Crossing the Line” Ceremony.

Indian Ocean 2006: Bali to Australia

Following a major refit for the MODU Songa Venus she was towed from Singapore to commence her contract in the Timor Sea, Australia. I was part of the crew change in Bali and took the rig the rest of the way to Northern Australian Waters.

Atlantic / Indian Oceans 2007: Cape Town to India

Another ocean transit onboard the ESSAR Wildcat from Cape Town to the Bay of Bengal in India. The Wildcat MODU had been brought to Cape Town from Scotland, before proceeding to India to prepare her for a new contract.

Indian Ocean 2010: Singapore to Australia

Back onboard the Songa Venus again as Ballast Control Operator. Following another shipyard project in Singapore, the Venus once again did another ocean tow from Singapore to the West Coast of Australia to continue with her contract.

Caribbean 2019: Puerto Rico and Leeward Islands

In 2019 Tina and I joined a 9 day cruise in the Caribbean. Onboard the Carnival Fascination, we started the cruise in Puerto Rico going on to port visits in St Thomas, St Maarten, St Lucia, St Kitts, and Barbados before a day at sea returning to Puerto Rico.